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How to Figure out your Ring Size

Ring sizing can be tricky but there are many ways to find your ring size.

1. Order our ring sizer cards

After years of helping customers find their ring sizes, Anna has designed a very nifty ring sizing card for you to use yourself at home. It features holes for a range of rings, simply try on the card until you find the most comfortable fit for you.

Please note that the card is thin so if you are choosing a thick band, 4mm or 5mm and above the ring will feel tighter than the size on the card so if you’re in between sizes, size up!

If you would like to order a free card you can simple submit your details at the bottom of the FAQ page or get in touch.

2. Pop into the studio

If you would like to have your ring size check in person with us at the studio you can always get in touch. We will do our best to find a time to suit you and your partner. We look forward to welcoming you into the studio.

3. Check the size of a ring that fits

If you already have a ring to hand (what a terrible pun!) that fits your ring finger you can print out our downloadable ring sizing sheet and find the size that matches the ring best.

4. DIY sizing at home

If you need to find your ring size out quickly you can do this yourself with this DIY technique; 

  • Cut a strip of paper at approximately the width of the ring you are hoping to wear, or a piece of non-stretchy string.

  • Whichever you choose, wrap it around the base of your finger. Remember not to wrap it too tightly. Keep in mind your ring will be thicker so might need to be a little bit roomier. 

  • With a pen, mark the point of the paper or string where it overlaps the end, completely the circle.

  • Unfurl the string or paper and lay it flat on a ruler to find your approximate internal ring size. This measurement should be noted in millimeters. 

  • You can then take this measurement and convert it into a ring size using a ring size conversion chart online.

Everyones finger sizes fluctuate a surprising amount when you are warm and when you're cold, or even if you’ve been working with your hands right before measuring. So try to take your size at normal room temperature. The ring should feel comfortable at the base of the finger but have a little bit of resistance coming over your knuckle. So bear this in mind when measuring. 

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