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Frequently asked questions

Neither of us have ever done anything like this before! Does that matter?

No not at all - all you need is enthusiasm - Anna will help you with the rest! It can be quite a grubby process so please wear practical clothing.

How many other couples will be there on the day?

Just the two of you and Anna. It is not a group workshop so you will receive full attention at all times ensuring that you are comfortable and can be confident of creating two perfect rings by the end of the day!

How much does it cost and what is included?

The full day is £295 per couple and this includes plenty of tea and coffee, refreshments, a deliciously decadent lunch and of course a celebratory glass of bubbly! Also included is a complimentary consultation at the studio to discuss and decide on design and metal choices. This session will take place approximately 2 weeks prior to the workshop date. Upon collection your rings will be presented in a luxurious top quality ring box.
The price does not however include the cost of any materials - these additional costs will be determined during the consultation.

How much will the materials cost?

Because metal costs fluctuate all the time and there are so many possible design variations we shall need to discuss total costs closer to your day. We'll do this via a no commitment consultation - either in person or virtually. Please email for further guidance.

What are our metal options?

On the day you can use silver, 9ct, 14ct or 18ct yellow white or rose gold. At the moment working directly with platinum or palladium in the workshop isn’t possible so what we will do is work in silver and then have your ring cast and finished in platinum or palladium. This will incur a small additional charge and require a couple of additional weeks.

Can we have our rings engraved, hallmarked or set with gemstones?

Yes to all three! As hallmarking is a compulsory requirement the cost is included within the cost of your day and will take approximately a week. If you would like any engraving - either on the inside or outside of your ring - or gems setting then that can also be easily arranged but will incur additional cost and time - we can go over all of these things in detail when discussing the designs of your rings.

What about design? Neither of us are sure of what we want.

Anna will provide a full, detailed and free of charge design consultation 2 weeks before hand - either in person or remotely. During this consultation Anna will provide full guidance on choices of size, shape, width and metal. Simple bands tend to be the most satisfying and easy to achieve within one day but should you require something more complicated - such as fitting around your engagement ring - that can also be discussed. As a starting point take a look at this document showing some classic wedding ring profiles

Is one day enough time to make two rings?

Yes - the time frame given will provide us with a fun and enjoyably paced day. However - if by any chance we do need slightly longer then we'll just extend the day to give you all the time you need at no extra cost. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole process.

Is a deposit required to reserve a date?

Yes please - a £150 deposit is required which unfortunately is non refundable on all cancellations. It is however possible to move dates with 2 weeks notice given.

How far in advance of our wedding date do we need to book?

A design consultation is included free of charge in order to discuss design and metal options. The consultation will be approximately 2 weeks before the workshop takes place. After the date of your workshop day, 2 weeks is a comfortable amount of time for most couples, but if you require additional extras such as engraving then 3 weeks would be advisable.

Can we use our own gold?

Yes absolutley! Anna Loucah is a committed recycler - just get in touch for more details on how doing so will affect the cost and time needed to complete the process. Please note that all metal to be recycled must display full UK hallmarks and the recycling of silver will not be possible.

What if we don't know our ring sizes?

No problem - you can either contact Anna directly and she will send a handy ring sizing card in the post or you can download a ring size template chart here. Alternatively, if you are coming to the studio for a consultation in person then Anna will take an accurate ring measurement then. An important thing to know is that at this stage the ring size need only be an estimate. Don't forget you will be making your rings and so can adjust, alter and persuade on the day until you each have the perfect fit!